Welcome to BSA 577
Hoosier Trails - National Council
Cub Scout Pack
(Boys-1st grade thru 5th grade)
Venture Crew
(Young men and women age 14-20)
Boy Scout Troop
(Boys age 11-18)

577 has created a Yahoo Group. The Yahoo Group is a private place on the web where we can post emails, pictures, newsletters, etc. to all members. We believe that this is the easiest way to distribute information. You must be approved by the moderator (Mark Zobel) to be allowed to join the group. When signing up please provide the name of the youth, troop, pack, or crew, and how you are related to the scout. Please click on the link below to join. If you have any questions about the Yahoo Group please contact Mark Zobel at m.zobel@insightbb.com

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